Monday, 24 April 2017

Crane Weighing System – A Refined Precision

Crane weighing system, also known as safe load indicator, is a monitoring system used to ensure that the weight and movement of the cranes are controlled on par with the specification mentioned in the system. In other words, a crane weighing system is used to manage the machine to ensure safety of the machine as well as the workers involved. This is done by keeping track of the weight and movement of the crane on which it is installed.
The main features of a crane weighing system is the ability to measure the weight of the load and angle at which the hand turns. This helps in incorporating precision to movements thereby increasing the safety factor of the machines. They come with a user programmable angle and weight option. This helps the operator to determine the movement and have better control on the work involved.

Working at remote, critical area is a daunting task. The crane weighing system has a GSM or wireless data transmission technique for communication in these areas. Sensors to indicate and protect against over or reverse voltage is incorporated in this system as well. Rope speed sensors as well as large displays are another added feature of this system. These weighing systems are more suitable for large and heavy load. They main advantage of these systems is the high precision that they employ in weighing the load.  
In the field of weighing automation since 2002, Senlogic Automation Pvt Ltd located in Chennai Tamil Nadu, India offers manufacture, sale and service of high quality weighing systems. The systems produced by this ISO certified company is cost effective while providing top notch quality. They offer customised product after studying the requirements of the customers as well. They practice sustainable development while encouraging creativity and innovation. The equipment from Senlogic are so developed to work in tough environmental condition without loss of precision.


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