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Know What is Crane Weighing System And Their Uses....

What is the Crane Weighing System?

Crane weighing system is the ideal equipment to measure molten metal and some other raw materials such as pig iron, scrap, CRC, borings, and returns. Senlogic Automation Private Limited, Chennai in Tamil Nadu offers skillful solutions for Crane Weighing System.

How has crane weighing system worked?

In the crane weighing system, a pin type load cell is fitted in the equalizing pulley which is situated at the top of the crane. This pin type load cell sensed the load hooked on the crane and show weight on the weight indicator, connected with the load cell. The weighing information is received and displayed by the large figure display. The remote pendant is also provided to tare, zero, and calibrate the system.

What specifications Crane Weighing System have?

Crane weighing system is an integral type crane weighing method which has the capacity of weighing 5 tons to 200 tons. The crane weighing system has pin type or tension-type load cells, the mounting assembly and digital weight indicator. The system has microcontroller based, 0.8 inches led display, a high-resolution indicator with software calibration and RF transceiver. Senlogic Automation Private Limited, Chennai uses all the wires and other components to make crane weighing system from authorized vendors.

What are the precautions Crane Weighing System should follow?

Crane weighing system follows some precautions to operate safely. They are
  • Avoid short pouring
  • Measure accurately molten material productivity
  • Avoid human interference and perceptional errors in ladle charging
  • Automatically measure and store REAL raw material charging data
  • Use hanging type of crane weighing scale
  • Protect weighing system from repeated failure due to heat
  • Avoid repeated battery charging and replacement
  • Avoid visibility problems of watching display
  • Avoid mechanical damage due to transport of heavy objects
  • Make sure of provision of any further automation

What are the benefits of Crane Weighing System?

Crane weighing system has many benefits, such as
  • It resolves all weighing problems to weigh heavy objects
  • Provide weight reimbursement
  • Has a wide and large wireless display
  • Wireless remote display
  • Provide wireless remote to calibrate, zero and tare key facility
  • Relay output in two stages- alarm and overload tripping
  • Multifunctional system
  • Have production monitoring software
  • Easy to operate
  • Provide accurate results

Generally, in which sectors Crane weighing systems are used?

Crane weighing system is used in
  • Rolling Mills
  • Steel industry
  • Paper industry
  • Foundries
  • Warehouses
  • Smelters

Senlogic Automation Private Limited, Chennai in Tamil Nadu is manufacture, supply, distribute, trade, export and retailing the crane weighing system. Senlogic is one of the well-known manufacturers of crane weighing system in India. The company offers its services and support in all over India.

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Loader Weighing Systems from SenLogic – weighing automated

Machines have always made life easier for man. However, with every step towards the progress and development in the industrial field, the requirement of precise and accurate measurements in various scopes such as load weighing has increased significantly.

SenLogic has created a name for itself with the best weighing and loader systems, Chennai. It is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and promoter of loader weighing system in close collaboration with the VEI group.
The loader weighing systems from SenLogic can be connected to a wide range of products and machines such as backhoe loader, compact wheel loader, wheel loader, ADT (Articulated Dump Truck), LHD (Load Haul Dump) and so on.
The role of accuracy in weighing and monitoring of various industries is very important to ensure its efficiency and maximum output. SenLogic has a vast experience with the creation of some of the best weighing systems and loader weighbridges in India. They provide technical systems custom made to suit the requirement of various industries.
SenLogic also offers the opportunity to manufacture systems based on the special specification to suit client requirements. The fact that these are available at cost effective rates makes SenLogic one of the most favored names in the automation industry.

Features of loader weighing systems

The loader weighing systems from SenLogic are armed with features such as the following.
  • The ability of in-motion weighing
  • Target weighing
  • Real-time bucket tip-off
  • Customers and product listings
  • Load id
  • In place wireless communication system
  • Blending
  • Facility for product production recording
  • Can handle about four calibrations for four machines that are equipped with sensors
The systems are equipped with communication and data protocols in line with the industry standards and are also high on monitoring and quality control. The products are made to survive in tough conditions and environment and are well acknowledged for their longevity.
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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Loader Weighing System: Now Material Loading becomes More Easier

Loader weighing system is a powerful system with normal components and applications to reduce the machine downtime during the system installation at the site. Loader weighing system is consists of only 4 components and eliminating the requirement of any extra power supply boxes or junctions. Loader weighing system becomes a portable weighing machine in the few hours.
The work of Loader weighing system
  • Its provides the exact quantity of material that is loaded
  • Its optimize the vehicle loads and prevent highway violations
  • Speed up the loading process
  • Provides the exact production of front end loader

Loader weighing system is very beneficial for increasing productivity as it’s prevent truck turnaround at the weighbridge in reducing cycle times. It archives more consistent loading results from the machine operators. Loader weighing system is best to improve profits as it provides a chain of responsibility means each one is responsible for the safe loading of goods and thus avoids overloading charges. It reduced the transportation costs by evading overloading and not essential trips caused by under loading. It’s also eliminates the double handling of material loading accurately. Loader weighing system uses latest technology and an intelligent device. It is an operator friendly device and provides accurate results. Loader weighing system can work finely with a wide temperature range and show high reliability. A collection of different weighing modes permits the product to be configured to suit the features of the machine. 

Senlogic Automation Private Limited, Chennai in Tamil Nadu is manufacture, supply, distribute, trade, export and retailing the loader weighing system in chennai. The company manufactured the product by using excellent quality spare parts and components. The company performed all type of quality control tests to avoid any kind of faults in the product.



Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Hopper weighing System

The hopper weighing system is designed for the automatic weighing of dry granulous products that flow well in a process (circuit) such as
  • Cereals 
  • flour
  • Glucose syrup
  • Palm oil
  • Grain
  • Ethanol
  • Fruit juices
  • Edible oils
  • Biomass pellets

The hopper scale work as a discontinuous totalizer with the I 400 ABS instrumentation systems. Hopper weighing system is easy to install and can maintained easily. It has simple and robust design, low height and section. The scale housing of hopper system is supported by the concrete floor or the installation metallic frame. Hopper weighing system supports and encloses the two main mechanical sub-assemblies

  •     A gravity feed section equipped with a feed gate
  •   A weigh hopper that is fitted on strain gauge load cells and equipped with  a  discharge gate
These sub-assemblies are bolted to the frame and can easily be replaced, when required. The quality of the hopper construction is associated with the supply of electrical and mechanical components that fulfils ISO standards guarantees. Hopper weighing systems are
  •  Reliable 
  •  Robust
  •  Accurate
  •  Easy to maintain

Weigh hopper supported load cells without levers or balance beams. Hopper system can easily calibrated and checked as the support racks for the test weights are attached on either side of the weigh hopper. Hopper weighing system is extensively acknowledged in the market due to its unique features such as reliability and proper functioning.

Senlogic Automation Private Limited, Chennai in Tamil Nadu offers a broad range of Hopper weighing systems. The company provides a safe and hazardous area installation of hopper systems. The system is properly checked by the company on different parameters to deliver a flawless product.


Thursday, 15 June 2017

Torpedo ladle car weighing system

Torpedo ladle car weighing system has a prominent role in transporting high amount of hot metal from blast furnace to poring point in the steel industries. It is highly important for the customer to design a product which completes their requirement and has an accurate weighing of torpedo. Torpedo ladle car weighing system is a reliable, simple and highly powerful accurate weighing system which is based on the RDM special purpose load cell that is designed to replace the existing rail without any kind of modification. That means, this system not even replace any screw too. To convert the existing rail into an accurate weighing system, the RMD can be designed with the site existing rail gauge and factory made sensors that are ready to fit. All types of torpedo car with any length is weighed with appropriate number of RDM.

The key features of torpedo ladle care weighing system
  • High level of reliability and accuracy
  • Mechanically rugged design
  • Converting normal rail is weigh zone without any mechanical and civil modification
  • Specifically suitable for punitive environmental conditions
  • High resistance to the effects of the ambient temperature
  • Vigorous maintenance free system
  • Full on-site commissioning and support
  • Stress free installation
Benefits of torpedo ladle care weighing system
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Outstanding performance
Senlogic Automation Private Limited, Chennai in Tamil Nadu have been highly successful in providing the manufacturing, supplying, distributing, trading, exporting, and retailing the torpedo ladle car weighing system. The product is engineered by using high quality components and spare parts. The product essentially passed all the quality control rules to avoid any kind of defects and is the best loader weighing system in chennai

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Efficient Loader Weighing Systems from Senlogic

The advancement in technology has highly influenced how things are done today. They have highly contributed to bringing accuracy and hence efficiency in various fields and industries. Loader weighing systems from Senlogic is one such piece of technology that has highly influenced weight and balance measurements in various industries.
Loader weighing systems can be fitted to a wide range of devices or product categories. They help in the accurate measurement of loads and weights that can be loaded into the products. This helps in controlling overloading and under loading of weights to a great extent. The invention and use of these weighing systems has increased the safety quotients in industries.

The loader weighing systems fitted on vehicles prevent unloading when the weighing bridges are at the exit, ensuring safe load transfers. These weighing systems help in keeping track of the weight that is loaded ensuring safer and faster weight loading. The system provides excellent production control; what with its ability keep track of the production of each of the wheel loaders.
The different features of loader weighing system from Senlogic are as follows: -
  • In motion weighing ability
  • Real time management of bucket tip off
  • Target weighing ability
  • Customer and product listing arrangement
  • Wireless communication capability
  • Recording of products production
  • Installed with iPod Lite management software
  • Equipped with four machines attached with sensors for handling the four calibrations
The loader weighing systems can be used on a large range of product categories like backhoe loader, ADT or Articulated Dump Truck, LHD or Load Haul Dump, compact wheel loader and other wheel loaders. They are one of the most popular and successful products on demand in the market.
Senlogic Automation Private Limited Company is a leading company engaged in the development and supply of weighing automation systems.

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Crane Weighing System – A Refined Precision

Crane weighing system, also known as safe load indicator, is a monitoring system used to ensure that the weight and movement of the cranes are controlled on par with the specification mentioned in the system. In other words, a crane weighing system is used to manage the machine to ensure safety of the machine as well as the workers involved. This is done by keeping track of the weight and movement of the crane on which it is installed.
The main features of a crane weighing system is the ability to measure the weight of the load and angle at which the hand turns. This helps in incorporating precision to movements thereby increasing the safety factor of the machines. They come with a user programmable angle and weight option. This helps the operator to determine the movement and have better control on the work involved.

Working at remote, critical area is a daunting task. The crane weighing system has a GSM or wireless data transmission technique for communication in these areas. Sensors to indicate and protect against over or reverse voltage is incorporated in this system as well. Rope speed sensors as well as large displays are another added feature of this system. These weighing systems are more suitable for large and heavy load. They main advantage of these systems is the high precision that they employ in weighing the load.  
In the field of weighing automation since 2002, Senlogic Automation Pvt Ltd located in Chennai Tamil Nadu, India offers manufacture, sale and service of high quality weighing systems. The systems produced by this ISO certified company is cost effective while providing top notch quality. They offer customised product after studying the requirements of the customers as well. They practice sustainable development while encouraging creativity and innovation. The equipment from Senlogic are so developed to work in tough environmental condition without loss of precision.


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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Ensuring safety with Loader Weighing System

With the huge development processes going around the globe and the increasing number of buildings and other structures cropping up, safety in construction is gaining importance. Loader Weighing Systems are developed with the aim of safe guarding the machines and the human lives associated with it. This system is usually installed on trucks and loaders that are used to shift loads and weights in and around the construction industry.

Loader weighing systems can be installed on a varied range of machines such as ADT or Articulated Dump Truck, LHD or Load Haul Dump, Backhoe Loader, wheel loader and compact wheel loader. The weighing systems ensures that these machines limit the material to a prescribed weight. This prevents mishaps due to overload that endangers the human lives associated with it or causes damage to the machine parts.Onboard weighing system for loaders

An important feature of loader weighing system is its ability to weigh load even when in motion. The payload management software helps in efficiently managing the whole functions related to the load. They are equipped to handle four calibrations for four machines that are equipped with sensors. Target weighing, products and customer listings, recordings of product productions, real time tip off of buckets, blending and wireless communication techniques are the other features associated with these weighing systems.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Senlogic Automation Private Limited, was created with an intent to deliver finest quality automation products, like weighing systems, and services. With the target aimed at customer satisfaction, the systems manufactured at the company have a seal of quality. High quality raw materials coupled with expert making ensures the consistence in delivering top notch products. A quality control department headed by a quality auditor ensures optimum quality products and services. The company offers customized products as well.

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