Thursday, 15 June 2017

Torpedo ladle car weighing system

Torpedo ladle car weighing system has a prominent role in transporting high amount of hot metal from blast furnace to poring point in the steel industries. It is highly important for the customer to design a product which completes their requirement and has an accurate weighing of torpedo. Torpedo ladle car weighing system is a reliable, simple and highly powerful accurate weighing system which is based on the RDM special purpose load cell that is designed to replace the existing rail without any kind of modification. That means, this system not even replace any screw too. To convert the existing rail into an accurate weighing system, the RMD can be designed with the site existing rail gauge and factory made sensors that are ready to fit. All types of torpedo car with any length is weighed with appropriate number of RDM.

The key features of torpedo ladle care weighing system
  • High level of reliability and accuracy
  • Mechanically rugged design
  • Converting normal rail is weigh zone without any mechanical and civil modification
  • Specifically suitable for punitive environmental conditions
  • High resistance to the effects of the ambient temperature
  • Vigorous maintenance free system
  • Full on-site commissioning and support
  • Stress free installation
Benefits of torpedo ladle care weighing system
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Outstanding performance
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