Friday, 11 November 2016

Road Weigh Bridge in Tamil Nadu

A weighbridge at a gravel pit. The weighbridge is the two part platform over which trucks are driven..A Truck scale (US), weighbridge (non-US) or Railroad scale can be a large set of scales, usually mounted permanently on foundation, that is used to weigh entire rail or road vehicles and their contents.
Types of Road Weigh Bridge:
  •     Electronic
  •     Digital
  •     Movable Weighbridge
  •     Mechanical weighbridge
  •     Portable weighbridge
  •     Electro-mechanical
  •     Portable ramp end scales
  •     Axle scales
Uses of Truck Scales
  •     Selling or charging by weight over the bridge
  •     Check weighing both gross vechile weights and axle weights. Helps to control axle overloading and charging of possible heavy fines.
Truck scales are also used in industries that manufactures or shift bulk items. Since the weight of the vehicle carrying the goods is known they are a easy and quick way to measure the f of bulk goods in and out of different locations.

Electronic Weigh Bridge :-

Truck scale.. This scale uses electronic measuring equipment. A truck scale (US), weighbridge (non-US) or railroad scale is a large set of scales, Usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation, that is used to weigh entire or road vehicles and their contents. These are developed from remarkable technology and heavy duty steel. These have high internal resolution and output,auto calibration and zero tracking features. These products are easy to use,requires less space and are known for inexpensive pit
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Monday, 29 August 2016

Ensure Extra Security Through Loader Weighing System

Ever expanding cities and human settlement  area resulted in construction sector booming worldwide. As people are engaged in heavy logistics activities safety must be the highest priority. Senlogic Automation Pvt Ltd. provides Helper X,  Best Loader Weighing System In Chennai, India.

Loader is a type of  four wheeled tractor with a metal bucket in front of it. It is used  in the construction area to remove things such as wreckage, snow, wooden items, boulders, sand, gravel, metal parts to dump in truck, railroad car, conveyor belt without dragging it along the way.

Loader Weighing System in Chennai.jpg

Helper X is the Loader Weighing System manufactured by Senlogic .It  is used as a means to control under and over loading materials. It blocks the vehicle from moving into unload process if weighing bridge is at the exit point. Its major advantages include helps to know the limits of weights, updating about production of each and every wheel loader, controls production etc. It can be fitted with other products like Wheel Loader, Compact Loader, Backhoe Loader, LHD Load Haul Dump, ADT Articulated Dump Truck.

Main features of Helper X are:
  • In-Motion Weighing
  • Real Time Bucket Tip Off
  • Customers Listing
  • Target Weighing
  • Products Listing
  • Products Productions Recording
  • Blending
  • Load Id
  • Ipod Lite Payload Management Software
  • Wireless Communication
  • Handling Of 4 Calibrations For 4 Machines Equipped With Sensors
Senlogic Automation Pvt. Ltd has emerged as the premier manufactures of high quality weighing and loading systems in Chennai. An ISO certified company, it follows international standards in the procurement raw materials upto manufacturing of products.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Safe Load Indicator / Crane Weighing System

The construction and manufacturing industry is replete with management of heavy equipment and things. Any accident will result in loss of crores of rupees and destruction to human life and property. Senlogic Automation Pvt Ltd produces the Best Safe Load Indicator / Crane Weighing System in Chennai, India.
Safe Load Indicator/ Crane Weighing System is a security mechanism fitted on cranes to inform the operator if the crane is nearing the safe operating range of the machinery. In Certain cases it applies automatic lock incase situation is outside operators control. A microprocessor will be connected to sensors in the crane as it closely monitor the weight of things while loading and unloading. A crane weighing System will detect angle, weight of the load, radius of crane etc. It helps the operator to work according to the safety chart issued by the manufacturer.

Its main features are:

  • Measurement Of Angle And Weight
  • User Programmable Range For Angle Vs Weight Range
  • Wireless / GSM Data Transmission For The Critical Area
  • Large Display For The Day Light View
  • Measurement Of Angel And Weight On Main As Well Auxiliary Boom
  • Rope Speed Sensors
  • Boom And Liup Angle Measurement RFI/ EMI Signal Protection
  • Sensors – Protection Against Over voltage And Reverse Voltage
Senlogic Automation Pvt Ltd is industry leader in production of devices related to weighing automation activities. The company update themselves with latest technology and follow international industry standards in the manufacturing of its products. It is headed by former Mr. M.S Gujral (Chairman) who was former Chairman-Railway board and Chairman – Coal India.
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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Best Quality Road Weighbridge in Tamil Nadu

Technical advanced process facilitates in manufacturing and thereby supply a precision engineered collection of Road Weighbridge. This bridge due to its strong built is suitable in areas of hazardous uses. High grade raw materials and leading edge technologies are adopted for the manufacture of this provided weighbridge.
These road weigh bridges has undergone a series of hard tests which ensures it perfect quality. These anti-corrosive road weigh bridges being made up of high tensile mild steel, are capable of loading and unloading bulk carriers.

Features of Road weigh bridge:

Our road weigh bridge is highly featured with,
  • Operation is menu driven
  • Sophisticated state of art technology
  • Automatic calibration check
  • Password security
  • Centronics parallel interface
  • Digital indicator model with embedded micro controller and large LCD displays
  • Auto zero maintenance
  • High resolution analog to digital converter
  • Real time clock
  • IBM keyboard/Keypad interface
  • Remote sensing excitation circuitry
  • Auto zero tracking
  • Self & operator diagnostics
  • Printer interface
  • Watchdog timer

Technical specification of road weigh bridge:

Resolution : 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 (user selectable)
Design : Pit and Pitless design
Interface : IBM compatible keyboard centronics, USB 4-20MA
System accuracy : +/- 0.05%
Sensor : Load cell (double ended, compression)
Display : 16x2 LCD/ 128x64 graphic display
Conversion rate : 2000/sec

Optional items:
Remote large display (2 inch and 4 inch) computer and software package, Unmanned Rf weighing, weatherproof junction box, Ticket printer.

Types of Road weighbridge:

A different varieties of weighbridge are available depending upon the purpose for which it is made use. All of the types are of highest quality irrespective of their usage. The different types available are;
  • Pitless weighbridge (depending upon the design of manufacture)
  • Unmanned weighbridge (automated)
  • Portable weighbridge (easily movable from one place to another)
  • Axle weighbridge (for weigh local transportation)
  • Weigh pads (calculate the pressure from placing a vehicle)

Advantages of road weighbridge:

The main advantage of this road weighbridge is that it does not require an operated for its operation as its functioning is fully automated. The other markable advantages are, higher performance level, smooth functioning, strength and flexibility in functioning.

Senlogic offers you the best quality road weighbridges in Tamil Nadu at affordable rates. We had been designing the products with the international standards.

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Monday, 13 June 2016

Automated On Board Weighing System Services

Senlogic Automation Private Limited Company, a professionally managed company with many years of field experience, engaged in the Weighing Automation activities offers a complete range of products such as On Board Weighing Systems, In Motion Weighing Systems, Rail in Motion Weighing system, Rail Static Weighing system, Road Weigh Bridge, Crane Weighing system, ATCC, Batch Weighing system, Car Weighing system, Hopper Weighing system and other weighing automation from configuration through implementation to operation and customized product development. Our products are being configured in such a way that it can steadily perform even in tough environmental conditions without any accuracy loss. We always try to provide customized solutions for individual customer requirements. Our system can be incorporated with most industry standard communication protocol and data format across the plant, warehouse center and logging framework to give significant trade information, monitoring and quality control. Our various services include

Application Engineering

Application Engineering mainly include Site Survey. Site survey deals with requirement specification, Estimation of equipment required, Proposal documentation on overall scope like configuration diagram, major equipment specification and layouts. 

Control Software/ SCADA Development

Control software or SCADA development includes preparation of I/O lists, ladder logic diagrams, program development, prototype development, simulation testing, SCADA screens, integration testing and configuration. 

Detailed Design Engineering

Detailed design engineering deals with control automation, electrical, instrumentation, and some other set of operations. These are carried out with extreme care and prejudice.

Process Optimization Services

The various process optimization service offered by us include control audit and reporting, retrofits, process optimization measures, implementation and testing and reporting and delivery.

Field Services

Our various field services include preventive maintenance, commissioning, calibrations, breakdown resolutions, software upgrades and retrofits. 

Training Solutions

We have different Onsite and Classroom training programs intended for the advancement of workers and employees. It keeps pace with the mechanical changes in the business sector and requirements of clients. Major training solutions incorporate PLC, Drives, HMI, and System Specific.

Our decades of experience in the field of automation has helped us to deliver our high quality products and services at reasonable and cost effective manner. Our aim is to fulfill customer needs by supplying high quality products with zero defects.

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Senlogic Automation Delivering Quality and Value

Senlogic automation pvt ltd company, a professionally managed company engaged in the weighing automation activities incorporated in februvary 2002.the company offers complete range of products such as in-motion weighing systems, on board weighing systems and other weighing automation systems.

Rail In Motion Weighing System

we works continously on developing systems that improves the accuracy for the in motion weighing even with minimum straight line and moderate curvature.our team of engineers have developed in -motion sensor which can be installed in two hours time without affecting traffic could be any rail size and track, anywhere in the world.


  • High speed and accuracy
  • Rdso Approved
  • Automatic direction selection
  • Weather proof design

Rail static weighing system

Our static rail weighing design is brain child of our customer who nedd always simple yet fully utilizable product to cater their specific need.


  • Based weighing terminal
  • Remote sensing excitation circuitry
  • Auto zero maintanence
  • Auto zero tracking

Road Weigh bridge

  • Menu driven operation
  • Remote sensing excitation circuitry
  • Highly sophisticated state of the art technology based weighing terminal
  • Self and operator diagnostics

Safe load indicator/ Crane weighing system

Our core competence is that we continue to design, develop and implement new ideas and technology in various field with our team.developed a product for the crane safety and monitoring system with controlling te movement of crane with in the limit of the manufacturers specification to prevent accident and heavy damages to human and machines.


  • Measurement of angle and weight
  • user programmable range for angle vs weight range
  • wireless / GSM data transmission for the critical area

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

On-Board Weighing System Increases the Productivity

On-board weighing system offers efficient use of time. It can be placed on any excavator or trucks. It helps to raise the productivity in various fields of business. On-board weighing system offers a solution for the problem of overloading of trucks. Loading the trucks to the right ability to upgrade productivity and to guarantee trucks don't go out underloaded. An on-board measuring framework
can be utilized to gauge the right measure of material in either the front end loader or excavator can.

Senlogic - an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization which provides various quality products including On-board weighing systems , rail-static weighing systems, batch weighing systems etc.

Features of On-board weighing system
  • One channel load weight show with fabulous aggregate outline.
  • Static and element measuring modes for full 'weighing on the lift' ability.
  • Programmed or manual collection.
  • Enlightened, simple to peruse advanced LCD.
  • Water and weatherproof development - suitable for vehicles without taxis.
  • Programmed velocity of lift remuneration.
  • Printer alternative.
  • Inner capable of being heard caution that sounds at the overburden edge. Further outer caution accessible as alternative.
  • Unsupported or board mount alternatives

Benefits  of On-board weighing system
  • Weighing during lift permits a speedier operation and more loads per shift.

  • Can be utilized for weighing as a part of every single climate condition.

  • Guarantees right stacking of vehicles or item.

  • Cautions of potential tip-over by disturbing at overburden point.

  • Helps stock administration, empowering check weighing of approaching and out-going merchandise.

  • Decreases vehicle developments, expanding site security.

Senlogic offers best Weighing and Loader Systems Chennai.
Various types of on-board weighing systems provided by Senlogic includes the following :
  • Bulk Weigher (For bulk tippers)
  • Accuweigh Air (For air suspensioned vehicles)
  • Truck Weigh (For air and spring suspensioned vehicles)
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