Thursday, 18 May 2017

Efficient Loader Weighing Systems from Senlogic

The advancement in technology has highly influenced how things are done today. They have highly contributed to bringing accuracy and hence efficiency in various fields and industries. Loader weighing systems from Senlogic is one such piece of technology that has highly influenced weight and balance measurements in various industries.
Loader weighing systems can be fitted to a wide range of devices or product categories. They help in the accurate measurement of loads and weights that can be loaded into the products. This helps in controlling overloading and under loading of weights to a great extent. The invention and use of these weighing systems has increased the safety quotients in industries.

The loader weighing systems fitted on vehicles prevent unloading when the weighing bridges are at the exit, ensuring safe load transfers. These weighing systems help in keeping track of the weight that is loaded ensuring safer and faster weight loading. The system provides excellent production control; what with its ability keep track of the production of each of the wheel loaders.
The different features of loader weighing system from Senlogic are as follows: -
  • In motion weighing ability
  • Real time management of bucket tip off
  • Target weighing ability
  • Customer and product listing arrangement
  • Wireless communication capability
  • Recording of products production
  • Installed with iPod Lite management software
  • Equipped with four machines attached with sensors for handling the four calibrations
The loader weighing systems can be used on a large range of product categories like backhoe loader, ADT or Articulated Dump Truck, LHD or Load Haul Dump, compact wheel loader and other wheel loaders. They are one of the most popular and successful products on demand in the market.
Senlogic Automation Private Limited Company is a leading company engaged in the development and supply of weighing automation systems.

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