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Know What is Crane Weighing System And Their Uses....

What is the Crane Weighing System?

Crane weighing system is the ideal equipment to measure molten metal and some other raw materials such as pig iron, scrap, CRC, borings, and returns. Senlogic Automation Private Limited, Chennai in Tamil Nadu offers skillful solutions for Crane Weighing System.

How has crane weighing system worked?

In the crane weighing system, a pin type load cell is fitted in the equalizing pulley which is situated at the top of the crane. This pin type load cell sensed the load hooked on the crane and show weight on the weight indicator, connected with the load cell. The weighing information is received and displayed by the large figure display. The remote pendant is also provided to tare, zero, and calibrate the system.

What specifications Crane Weighing System have?

Crane weighing system is an integral type crane weighing method which has the capacity of weighing 5 tons to 200 tons. The crane weighing system has pin type or tension-type load cells, the mounting assembly and digital weight indicator. The system has microcontroller based, 0.8 inches led display, a high-resolution indicator with software calibration and RF transceiver. Senlogic Automation Private Limited, Chennai uses all the wires and other components to make crane weighing system from authorized vendors.

What are the precautions Crane Weighing System should follow?

Crane weighing system follows some precautions to operate safely. They are
  • Avoid short pouring
  • Measure accurately molten material productivity
  • Avoid human interference and perceptional errors in ladle charging
  • Automatically measure and store REAL raw material charging data
  • Use hanging type of crane weighing scale
  • Protect weighing system from repeated failure due to heat
  • Avoid repeated battery charging and replacement
  • Avoid visibility problems of watching display
  • Avoid mechanical damage due to transport of heavy objects
  • Make sure of provision of any further automation

What are the benefits of Crane Weighing System?

Crane weighing system has many benefits, such as
  • It resolves all weighing problems to weigh heavy objects
  • Provide weight reimbursement
  • Has a wide and large wireless display
  • Wireless remote display
  • Provide wireless remote to calibrate, zero and tare key facility
  • Relay output in two stages- alarm and overload tripping
  • Multifunctional system
  • Have production monitoring software
  • Easy to operate
  • Provide accurate results

Generally, in which sectors Crane weighing systems are used?

Crane weighing system is used in
  • Rolling Mills
  • Steel industry
  • Paper industry
  • Foundries
  • Warehouses
  • Smelters

Senlogic Automation Private Limited, Chennai in Tamil Nadu is manufacture, supply, distribute, trade, export and retailing the crane weighing system. Senlogic is one of the well-known manufacturers of crane weighing system in India. The company offers its services and support in all over India.

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