Thursday, 5 July 2018

Get The Best Loader Weighing System From Senlogic

The equipment used to move or load materials into or onto another machinery in the construction field is known as a loader.  Many types of loaders are available nowadays. Depending on the design and application they are named differently. Wheel loader, Compact wheel loader, Backhoe loader, LHD load haul dump, ADT Articulated dump truck are some examples of loaders.

Loader weighing systems are used to weight the load materials in the loader machines. The system first measures the hydraulic pressure in the lift cylinder and then it is converted to a weight using pre-calibrated data. The best loader weighing system in Chennai is provided by Senlogic Automation.  Senlogic is known as the best loader scale manufacturer in Chennai. Their loader weighing system can be fitted to a wide range of product category, ie it can be used in different types of loader weighing system.

Some of the features of Senlogic loader weighing system include:

  • In-motion weighing
  • Real-Time bucket Tipoff
  • Customers listing
  • Wireless communication
  • Blending
  • Products productions recording
  • Target weighing
  • Load Id
  • Products listing
  • Ipod lite payload management software
  • Handling of 4 calibrations for 4 machines equipped with sensors


  • Immunity to electrostatic and magnetic discharge
  • Precision from 0 to +1%
  • Back-lit LCD
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance even by the customer
  • Rubber suspension to damp in vibrations during work
  • Bracket for a multi-directional adjustment of the monitor.
  • Double proximity sensor for an easy installation and greater precision
  • Ip65 protection rating
  • 500 Bar pressure sensor with 200% breaking load

Senlogic is the leading manufacturers of premium quality loader weighing systems. Their products are manufactured using superior grade raw material with the help of advanced technology. They provide the systems with international standards and they are known as the best for onboard weighing system in Chennai.
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