Sunday, 24 January 2016

On-Board Weighing System Increases the Productivity

On-board weighing system offers efficient use of time. It can be placed on any excavator or trucks. It helps to raise the productivity in various fields of business. On-board weighing system offers a solution for the problem of overloading of trucks. Loading the trucks to the right ability to upgrade productivity and to guarantee trucks don't go out underloaded. An on-board measuring framework
can be utilized to gauge the right measure of material in either the front end loader or excavator can.

Senlogic - an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization which provides various quality products including On-board weighing systems , rail-static weighing systems, batch weighing systems etc.

Features of On-board weighing system
  • One channel load weight show with fabulous aggregate outline.
  • Static and element measuring modes for full 'weighing on the lift' ability.
  • Programmed or manual collection.
  • Enlightened, simple to peruse advanced LCD.
  • Water and weatherproof development - suitable for vehicles without taxis.
  • Programmed velocity of lift remuneration.
  • Printer alternative.
  • Inner capable of being heard caution that sounds at the overburden edge. Further outer caution accessible as alternative.
  • Unsupported or board mount alternatives

Benefits  of On-board weighing system
  • Weighing during lift permits a speedier operation and more loads per shift.

  • Can be utilized for weighing as a part of every single climate condition.

  • Guarantees right stacking of vehicles or item.

  • Cautions of potential tip-over by disturbing at overburden point.

  • Helps stock administration, empowering check weighing of approaching and out-going merchandise.

  • Decreases vehicle developments, expanding site security.

Senlogic offers best Weighing and Loader Systems Chennai.
Various types of on-board weighing systems provided by Senlogic includes the following :
  • Bulk Weigher (For bulk tippers)
  • Accuweigh Air (For air suspensioned vehicles)
  • Truck Weigh (For air and spring suspensioned vehicles)
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