Thursday, 12 May 2016

Senlogic Automation Delivering Quality and Value

Senlogic automation pvt ltd company, a professionally managed company engaged in the weighing automation activities incorporated in februvary 2002.the company offers complete range of products such as in-motion weighing systems, on board weighing systems and other weighing automation systems.

Rail In Motion Weighing System

we works continously on developing systems that improves the accuracy for the in motion weighing even with minimum straight line and moderate curvature.our team of engineers have developed in -motion sensor which can be installed in two hours time without affecting traffic could be any rail size and track, anywhere in the world.


  • High speed and accuracy
  • Rdso Approved
  • Automatic direction selection
  • Weather proof design

Rail static weighing system

Our static rail weighing design is brain child of our customer who nedd always simple yet fully utilizable product to cater their specific need.


  • Based weighing terminal
  • Remote sensing excitation circuitry
  • Auto zero maintanence
  • Auto zero tracking

Road Weigh bridge

  • Menu driven operation
  • Remote sensing excitation circuitry
  • Highly sophisticated state of the art technology based weighing terminal
  • Self and operator diagnostics

Safe load indicator/ Crane weighing system

Our core competence is that we continue to design, develop and implement new ideas and technology in various field with our team.developed a product for the crane safety and monitoring system with controlling te movement of crane with in the limit of the manufacturers specification to prevent accident and heavy damages to human and machines.


  • Measurement of angle and weight
  • user programmable range for angle vs weight range
  • wireless / GSM data transmission for the critical area

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